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As a leading distributor of warehouse, storage, and packaging supplies, LP Packaging Products Inc. has introduced biodegradable stretch film products. The film, when introduced to the soil as in a landfill, will completely degrade within two years. Green packaging, increasingly required by law in some areas, has the same tensile strength as non-degradable products.

“Offering greener solutions just makes sense. While alternatives for packing strawberries, for instance, have existed for years, this biodegradable stretch wrap is the first of its kind at LP Packaging Products Inc. We believe there will be a growing demand for a product like this, and LP Packaging Products Inc. is happy to be in the forefront, bringing it to our customers,” states Dwayne Reyes, BLP Packaging Products President for LP Packaging Products Inc. in Salinas, California. “As national and local governments adopt more stringent recycling and sustainability laws, the awareness and the need for products like biodegradable stretch wrap will likely grow. Customers will want choices and LP Packaging Products Inc. is happy to provide them.”

Clearly, the green packaging movement is not transient but a growing trend. Over the past decade, an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies have created a Chief Sustainability Officer position to address their respective company’s recycling, pollution, and product waste elimination issues.

Green Packaging

LP Packaging Products Inc. offers industrial packaging materials, green packaging materials, and equipment. In these sections are the programs, products, and services we offer to help you as a manufacturer reduce packaging waste, reuse, and recycle many of those packaging materials currently in the supply chain.

We are comprehensive in our approach and we are now extending that legacy and commitment to helping you meet a higher sustainability standard.

Offering greener solutions just makes sense.

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