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Company Profile

LP Packaging Products Inc. was founded by Dwayne Reyes and Alfred Reyes in May 1986, originally located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our company was established to distribute paper products, packaging materials, and janitorial supplies. We have two distribution centers, one in Phoenix and the other in Salinas. Our Phoenix facility, which is just south of the airport, serves the entire metropolitan area of Phoenix, as well as Sedona, and our Salinas facility serves Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties, as well as San Jose.

LP Packaging Products Inc. is a service-oriented business. We believe that our main purpose is to meet our customers’ needs and to do whatever we can to help them do their jobs better. Our goal, since the inception of the company, is to provide the very best customer service possible in our industry. This goal is on-going, as we strive to continually improve our service to our customers no matter how good our performance may be.

LP Packaging Products Inc.’s success depends on a good working relationship between, and high-quality performance from, all members of the LP Packaging Products Inc. staff.

If you need packaging and shipping materials and janitorial supplies, LP Packaging Products Inc. is your source. Just call for an LP Packaging Products Inc.’s account representative. Our Customer Service Department is always available to assist you.

Corporate Statement

LP Packaging Products Inc.’s mission is to serve our customers at a level that meets or exceeds their expectations. We run our company the way that our customers would like us to run it, based on customer needs and desires with respect to reliability, service, product performance, and value.

We have a sense of urgency at LP Packaging Products Inc. on behalf of our customers and we always act in accordance with that urgency.

We are committed to an open and active line of communication with our customers regarding their businesses, and with each other regarding our customers and their needs.

Employment Opportunities

LP Packaging Products Inc. is an equal opportunity employer focused on servicing our community locally and our country nationally. We are always interested in like-minded responsible individuals that are seeking employment for:

  • Growing or Down Sizing Needs
  • Retail and Industrial Options
  • Manufacturing and Production

Packaging Supplies

LP Packaging Products Inc., a wholesale supplier, stocks and distributes one of the most complete lines of packaging and related products in the central coast area. As a highly competitive company specializing in experience and customer service, we look forward to servicing the needs of local businesses, large and small.

Customer Support

Customer service representatives and team members with extensive experience in the flexible packaging industry and servicing the produce market are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.


  • Years of experience with Vendor Managing Inventories
  • Excellent track record in maintaining minimum and maximum inventories
  • Close relationships with carriers to ensure timely deliveries and emergency shipments
  • Our expertise will help lower inventory levels, reduce overhead, and increase cash flow
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